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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day Three

Girls with Youth Hostel Girls

Today the Lord gave Ellie and I an awesome opportunity to witness for Him. When we arrived at the youth hostel, I was torn between watching Ethan chasing pigs around and spending time with the youth girls. I knew I couldn’t do both so I invited Ethan to join me and the girl’s for the afternoon. Of course his answer was no, so I left him with Ed doing construction work. When I got back to the girl’s ring, I saw Ellie befriended two girls already. I joined her and the girls and got to know this girl named Crystal. She was very open and shared a lot with us. Ellie initiated the spiritual conversation with them. She asked them if they believe in God. When they asked us why we’re here, she plainly told them that we’re here to tell them about Jesus. Later when Ellie left to visit the barns, I spoke with Crystal more. She told me she “tried” to believe in Jesus, but felt she was never good enough. So I tried to reaffirm her faith but as I was talking to her more, I learned that she had recently attempted suicide and that her brother, whom she had a close relationship with, died from a kayak accident. Her life is very troubled. I asked her if she would like to rededicate her life to Christ and she said “yes.” So, I prayed with her and reassured her that Jesus is with her from this day forward, and that she does not have to be afraid and lose hope because Jesus will never leave her or forsake her. She seemed more at peace after we prayed and asked which book of the bible is good for her to read. I just praised God for the unique opportunity to witness to Crystal. It is his hand at work. I never imagined that Ellie would be able to talk to any of the youth here in such a positive way.

-Nancy Wong

Today, we faced a different challenge: lack of electricity. We are aware of the lack of electricity on Sunday but did not have enough information about the exact time. We (Pastor Hsu, Henry Lo and myself) discovered there is no power as of 4:30AM. We did not have air conditioning. The front desk informed us that the power is out in the entire Belize City and scheduled to come back around noon.

Due to the outage, we cannot use the computer and cannot use the PowerPoint for song leading. Additionally, the church could not print today's program. Luckily, Sister Pauline made 60 copies of the songs that we were going to use for this week's bible study. We used that as our singspiration for the Sunday Service. Thank you, Pastor Patrick for your faithfulness and foresightedness!

After the service, we enjoyed the Love Feast prepared by the Chinese church for the entire team. When the Basketball Court Team is about to leave for the Youth Hostel we got hit by 30 minutes of rainstorm. The rainstorm caused a minor flood in some parts of the city.

After lunch, we had a meeting with Pastor Liu on their needs and how our church can assist them. They really need Cantonese speaking persons to reach out to the Cantonese community. Additionally, they need help with the youth ministry due to the family relations breakdown, they are occupied with entertainment media and helping out parents' stores. Pastor Hsu, Ernie, Henry and Pastor Liu were brainstorming on the future directions of our assistance.

This year we experienced more rain then last year. Keep your prayers on our safety and our family visits for the next 3 days.

-Micheal Chao

Prayer Items

1. Chinese Ministry Visitations/ Outreach event, starting tomorrow.

2. Crystal and her new commitment.

3. Weather will be better for tomorrow

4. So we can finish the basketball court tomorrow.

5. Joyce and Steve's safety on flight.

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