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Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer 2014 7/13/14 Day Three: Angel An (SCBC)

Good evening there! This is your temp DJ Angel An checking in! Hope your day went well?!
Today was a very eventful day for the LGCC/SCBC Belize STM team.  We received lots of love from the local Belizean church @ Lake Independence Baptist Church during our visit.  THEY LOVE HUGGYS!!!  Which I don’t mind at all.  It was POURING rain outside and it made the hugs temperature-bearable and made me feel at home.   The pastor gave a message that was almost like it was written specifically for us.  A memorable quote: “In heaven, there is not Chinese church or Belizean church, so why are we sitting separately?”  When I heard that, I looked back, I was shocked at the racial separation.  @.@  It’s true, we like to hang out with people we are familiar with, we like to hang out in our comfort zone.  But if Jesus hung out in his comfort zone, then how are we saved now?!  If we hang out in our comfort zone, then how are those who need our help be saved?  You can’t say “oh, someone else can do it”, but someone else is going to say the same thing and in the end nothing gets done.  So we mixed up our seating arrangement and got inspired.  During the worship, which btw was completely island style (great drummer, base guitarist and just a great set overall), I was DANCING! I couldn’t contain the joy that was inspired by the people at LIBC.  I can’t say I’m completely in love with Belize yet, but I’m def likin’ it!  People in general here are just real chill and joyful – Island style!
We then had a service at the church we are partnering with/living at (Belize Chinese Christian Church).  BTW, side-tracking a little bit, I don’t know if anyone mentioned the living conditions or food here in the previous blog posts, but IT’S GREAT!  I’m not low-maintenance, so trust me when I say IT’S GREAT! Parents at home, qing fang xin!  Well, esp for girls at least.  The fried chicken is soooo yummy!  OK, I’m back.  I did the worship set with Pastor Brian and Matthew Chang.  It was a great set in my opinion, esp. being the first time worshiping with these guys in front of a fairly new crowd.  Once again, I felt God’s presence and that warmth in my heart. 
In the late afternoon, we prepped for VBS that’s starting tomorrow and will last for the whole business week.  We spent hours learning the dance moves for the singspiration songs. Lots of pressure because Matthew and I are supposed to lead the moves without the actually videos and Matt is lacking.  LOL JK.  He’s a guy, so I cut him some slacks, but Come on Matt!  Ok I’m kidding again.  Love the guy.  Lots of preparation went into the making of this.  We brought all the supplies from home, from crafting pencils to room decorations. I’m ready for VBS, so is everyone else on the team.  The skits are gonna be awesome because we have some talented dramatic actors on the team – Austin, Emmett and BJ.  I’m excited. 
PRAISES TO GOD! For blessing us with SUCH a nice team.  I’m so glad and thankful for everyone on the team.  They make me think I don’t want to go home!  This is how comfortable I feel here. 
Please lift up the team though.  It’s been storming for the last couple of days, with today being the worst.  The roof is leaking as I’m typing right now, but it made the stay here so interesting.  This is to fully experience Belize.  The good news is, when it rains, it’s nice and cool.  But the bad news is boys.  LOL Ok, not just boys, but boys who like to dance in the rain.  I know it’s romantic and all, but come one, xxxxx xxxx, I would rather not give away any EmergenC if I have a choice.  So peeps at home, please lift up our health and our energy as we get into our main mission of the trip tomorrow.
Thank you for your continued prayers, love and care for us.  Until tomorrow, stay cool!
God Bless,

Angel An

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  1. Praise God! Sounds like it was a mutually encouraging time together! The pictures are too small! lol