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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day Seven

We set out early this morning to catch a boat to San Pedro. Even though we were worried about sea sickness, we made it to the island with minimal discomfort. When we first arrived, we checked into our hotel rooms, ate PB&J sandwiches, and then explored the town for a real lunch. After our appetites were satisfied, we prepared for a block party at the playground and basketball court.

While I was painting an endless number of fingernails, I finally mustered up the courage to start asking the girls about God. To my surprise, most of them already knew about God and didn’t really mind talking about Him. I only encountered one little girl who didn’t have a relationship with God. Her name was Damaris. She listened intently as I shared the gospel with her. She felt that the only way to heaven was if she did good things and if she didn’t she would go to hell. She thought that Jesus would be waiting at the door to heaven and would tell her if she was good enough or bad. This didn’t really surprise me, and I explained that because of Jesus’s death, we can go to heaven just by receiving him as our lord and savior and our salvation isn’t dependent on ourselves. I struggled a little bit with the use of Christian jargon and tried to simplify the gospel. I wasn’t really sure if she understood anything that I said…but I knew that the Holy Spirit was working. So I asked her if she wanted to accept Christ and if she would repeat after me as I prayed. AND SHE SAID YES!! Woooow, mind blown! I never thought that just talking to someone for about 10 minutes about God actually worked! But with God, all things are possible! As I led her through prayer, I felt a lot of pressure to say the right thing. I remember when I first accepted Christ, my prayer was important to me and I didn’t want to mess it up for this little girl. While praying, another girl that I was talking to earlier interrupted and asked me for my email address. What did I do? I gave it to her. -_- I regret doing that and feel like I could have handled that situation a little better, but I praise God that he gave me the opportunity to talk with that girl.

After 2 hours at the block party, we went directly to dinner at Playa Chel . Surprisingly, the owner of that restaurant had heard about us building a basketball court at the youth hostel! News traveled about us from Belize City all the way to San Pedro! I guess we had more of an impact on Belize than we thought. After we finished dinner, we went to eat key lime pie for dessert (yum). Then we returned to the hotel and turned in early for the long day ahead of us.

-Isabel Auyeung

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