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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day Two

Kids climbing a tree while watching us work

Today we went to visit the youth hostel. Luckily, weather was endurable when we arrived despite the pouring rain on the bus ride over. At first, it was somewhat awkward between our Belize team and the youth there; the kids kept to themselves, lounging on the porch or playing basketball while we stood quietly by the bus waiting for David, our missionary leader, to arrive. During our wait, “we experienced one of the great ten plagues,” comments Priscilla Shen, as we personally met and embraced one of Belize’s greatest creatures, the locust.
We started off a bit slow as our first work period held little progress as the dimensions for the basketball court were laid out and little grass was tilled. We stopped for a water break and went to meet and greet all the youth at the hostel. The girls came out slowly and shyly, timid at first but after introducing ourselves, they opened up a bit more telling us about where they were from or laughing at my lack of Spanish skills. They continued to share about how long they had been there and I was surprised to find out one girl had only arrived three days ago.
As we slowly trickled back to the field, I think, after watching us work, the guys from the hostel pitied our progress and briskly came to assist us- our star player named Victor, or more commonly known as Mictor aka “the BEAST”. As the day progressed, more of the guys came to help out or watch as their work skills doubled the pace of many of us.
After a few hours of much sweat, toil, and fire ant bites, we stopped for lunch after leveling and clearing out much of the wild untamed grass. Walking into the dining hall, we watched as the guys finished eating and were ordered out- standing up in somewhat unison, folding their arms, and reciting the phrase that I later discovered was written above the door:
“Stand tall, fold arms
Girls, boys proceed out
to the ablution block. Thanks mom.
Thanks, sir.”
The discipline and respect between their warden and themselves was an interesting experience to witness. Up until that point, it hadn’t entirely struck me that the youth hostel was supposed to be a disciplinary area for kids who had committed minor crimes.
God’s protection over us was evident as the day came to an end as we left the kids having made new friendships, suffered from little injuries, and kept well hydrated- although swamped in mud. Coming back to the hotel, we all rushed to shower before meeting for a dinner of spaghetti and worship.
29 alive, 0 lost.

Michelle Lo, Priscilla Shen, and Isaac Auyeng

Thanks Lily Hao for the letter from Home.

Prayer Items:
1. Finish basketball court
2. Stay Hyrdated
3. Chinese Church Service, when Henry will talk, Roger and P. Hsu will lead worship
4. Health of Team
5. Energy for rest of week after long hours of construction
6. Bonding with youth hostel kids and team.

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  1. Great report and picture. We remembered all of you during children's worship this morning. As we sang the CEF songs 'STOP' and 'GO', I explained to the children that our Belize STM Team is doing just that, GOing to 'tell the story of Christ of Calvary'.
    May your hard labor win the wages of friendship and bearing of the fruit of the Gospel.
    The Lord Be With You!
    Mrs. Hsu