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Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Belize Medical STM Day 1

We arrived at church 3am this morning. Two brothers and one sister were willing to get up so early to use three cars to take us to the airport. One small accident happened at the airport that a sister slightly scrapped her elbow and leg. Praise God that the injury was minor. Please continue to pray for us for good health and God’s protection.

We met up with our 11th teammate smoothly at Houston airport – Pastor Timothy Yin. We arrived at Belize on time. Even though the custom gave us some small trouble with the medicines we bring in, it was finally resolved without much problem. We thank God for letting us arrive safely and smoothly at Belize.

We settled in at a hotel within walking distance to the Chinese church that we are going to partner with. We were treated later with a very nice dinner at the best Chinese restaurant by the pastor, his wife and sister A-Ching .

Tomorrow will begin our ministries at the church. Henry Lo will teach Sunday school. Pastor Yin will preach. Silvia will lead the praise time. I, Pastor Patrick, will be worship chairman, translator, and will lead Holy Communion. Please pray for all the coworkers, and especially me for my rusty mandarin.

We praise God for bringing us here. May His will be accomplished!

-Pastor Patrick Auyeung


  1. I am glad that you arrived safely and settled in.

    Is Helen the translator at the Sunday worship? can't tell who wrote the blog. Will pray for all of you daily.


  2. Glad to hear you arrived safely.

    You are in our daily prayer.

    Helen, Jeffrey and Stehphane