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Monday, October 3, 2011

October Belize Medical STM Day 3

Sharing from Francis Chui:
I saw a Cantonese speaking woman on late Saturday evening, the first night after we arrived at Belize City. She came to seek consultation about an intensely itchy rash, as she was about to leave Belize the next Monday to visit her daughter at San Jose, California. In addition to diagnosing what might be causing the skin rash and prescribing an ointment to relieve the itching, I was able to know a bit about her life experience in Belize City. She and her husband used to operate a store in the city and financially was doing very well until the misfortune that the store was robbed. During the robbery, the husband was hit in the head by a hard object and sustained head injury which left him in a persistent vegetative state. They spent essentially their entire life savings seeking medical care that might improve his poor neurological outcome. But the end result was not much of an improvement. She was forced to look for jobs in order to survive. she now works in a very dusty and humid warehouse where she often has to squeeze her body through very crowded storage space to look for inventory items. I was very touched by her experiences and wanted to share them on this blog.

Updates from Pastor Patrick
It was a long day for us, leaving the hotel at 7:45am and returning at 10pm. We provided free medical and dental services from 9:30am to 4:00pm. We had a total of 15 people coming for the services. Praise God that two people accepted Christ during their time with us. A few of us also went to check out the Christian school that we would be serving on Wednesday. They have a total of 200+ students, and we plan to provide the students some screening in the morning, and then serve the school staff and parents in the afternoon. Please pray for Mindy, Kevin, Silvia and Michael who will be serving there on Wednesday. Kevin gave a CPR and food choking relief class to the youths and some parents. Many of the church youths did come even though they have to go to school early tomorrow. Michael gave his testimony and I gave a brief introduction of the gospel message. Pastor Timothy Yin closed the meeting with an altar call and a benediction. The young people really enjoyed the meeting. Please pray for the final preparation of my evangelistic message on Thursday night. Thanks!

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