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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 4: Cantonese Visitation Team

Today Pastor Alex, Sindra, Rebecca and I (Thomas) had opportunities to visit some Chinese store owners in Belize City while our other teammates were holding VBS in the park.  We had a busy schedule of going to 4 different stores.  Each one of them had a unique story behind the journey from China to Belize.

In the morning, Alex, Thomas and Rebecca went to visit 2 store owners. The first one we visited was Mei Yan who looks after her store by herself. Those store owners usually work long hours every day. They work behind bars and they usually live there too. Mei Yan is not an exception. She works almost 12 hours a day, wanting to give the best education and everything for her four children. She has been with the Belize Chinese Church for more than 5 years (come and go). She has been approached by Jehovah Witness for a number of times but thanks God that she finally settle at this Chinese Church. We spent a good time (1.5 hours) with her and she shared about her life, her children and her baggage with us. We shared the Gospel with her. She said she understood the message and reaffirmed her faith before the Lord. She did pray with us finally, committing herself to Jesus Christ as her Lord of her life. Please pray for her as her husband still has a traditional Chinese idol at home, which hinders her to consider getting baptized.

The next visitation is a young girl, called Chun Ling, recently relocated from China to Belize. She is very smart, with a master degree at a famous university in Beijing. She was baptized a few months ago by our LGCC’s pastor. However, she was busy working at her store even on Sundays, so she seldom came back church recently. She shared her struggles with us. It is not easy for her as a young girl looking after a store by herself. We encouraged her to stay strong in faith and pray for God’s wisdom in better time management.  Please pray for Chun Ling as she could be a rising star (smart, well-educated, young and easy-going person) for the Chinese Church.

In the afternoon, we split into 2 teams. Sindra and I went to visit Suk Jan, another store owner. She recently retired and sold her business to her relatives but she is there to help out. She recently had struggles with her only son (who has his own family in Belize), so she felt a little bit unhappy. We prayed for her and motivated her to pray God for her ordeals and hope wot find a way out. Please keep her in your prayer.

Another team, Rebecca and Thomas visited a store owned by Ah Yee and her husband.  Her two sons attended the VBS and they loved it.  We listened to her stories of operating the store till midnight every day 7 days a week while worrying about robberies and other crimes.  Her entire mission here was to provide a good education and future for her children.  We then shared the gospel with her using a gospel booklet.  At the end, Rebecca invited her to pray to accept Jesus Christ as her savior and Ah Yee agreed.  Rebecca prayed with her.  PTL.  She still had some challenges as her husband was quite opposed to her faith.  Pray that God will bring blessings to her family through Ah Yee's life transformation and testimony. 

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