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Saturday, July 15, 2017

2017 Day One: Michael, Natalie, and Portia

Hi Everyone,
       Thank you for all your prayers, the Belize team arrived safely this morning. Our flight from San Jose to LAX was on time, but our flight to Belize was delayed due to a problematic communication circuit. We arrived at 6:30am Belize time (5:30 back home). We walked out like Obama leaving his jet on the runway.
       Not long after we arrived, we ate breakfast at Balloons Pizzeria, an ocean side restaurant. Black beans, smoked meats, fired bread and fish arrayed the tables, and orange, watermelon, and cactus juice, freshly squeezed by the kind waitress. Black and yellow seabirds squawked by our sides as the ocean gently caressed the land. After, devouring our meals like a hoard of famished beasts, We boarded our white bus. Arriving back to the Christian Church, we were welcomed by the loving presence of the Belize Camping Experience, a Christian organization devout on the purpose to spread the gospel to younger Belizeans. As we took our seats in the upstairs chapel, Alexander Perez began his presentation for the upcoming week.
         Deprived of sleep, we listened to the ramble and jumble of the speaker. BJ, Adam, Portia, Natalie,Vanessa, Michael and Angelina, barely stayed awake in the bombardment of words: "Blah Bla Blahhhhhhhhhh...We BCE have a passion for younger generation of Belize, a group representative of fifty percent of Belize. Many fell asleep unable to repress the weight unbearable weight of sleep. Suddenly Leah, Alexanders wife and co-director, made her debut, forcing all of us out of our seats into a whirl of dance and VBS music. Stimulated by the sudden physical activity, the youth woke up from their daydreams and half slumbers. Initiated by the dance moves and familiar gesticulations of superheros Hulk, Superman, and Captain America, the twenty six of us and sixteen BCE flowed in gestalt, like a river. Surprised and encouraged by our quick progress, we continued into other games and finally prayer. Afterwards we had lunch with the BCE team and the Chinese Church leaders.
          After lunch, the girls unpacked and took long naps, while the boys played games. After our break, we had dinner at a restaurant, where we ate Chinese food. When we got back, we worshiped and debriefed.
      It's now been two hours and we are finally done with this blog post. Thanks you all. 

Goodnight, sleep tight, mosquitoes might bite

-Michael, Natalie and Portia:)

Answered Prayers:

  • All members arrived in Belize in one piece. (mostly)
  • No luggage was lost or damaged. 
  • The food, especially the fried chicken is good.
  • We were well fed

Prayer Requests:

  • Sleep! Many of the team members have gotten little to no sleep. Pray for us to have sufficient sleep, so we can be energized and ready for VBS.
  • Protection from mosquitoes, sand fleas, and anything else that may want to eat us alive.
  • Preparation for VBS on Monday.
  • Weather and Humidity. Many team members are not use to the humidity and hot weather. 
  • Safety

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