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Monday, July 17, 2017

2017 Day 3 Monday 7/17/17- Eugene

Hello again from Belize City!

Today was the first official day of camp. We began the day at the park across the street from Belize Chinese Christian Church where we are staying. We set up an oversize tent for shelter from the sun. At 8:30am, we broke up into teams and walked around the neighborhood to invite kids to our week-long camp co-hosted by a local organization called Belize Camping Experience.

I have to admit, I initially felt a bit uncomfortable. There is no way this would go well in my church neighborhood in Milpitas, CA. "Free kids camp! Do you have any kids? We are having a kids camp at King's Park from Monday-Friday." But to my surprise, there were actually a number of appreciative parents who took the time to talk to us. We ended up with about 50 kids on this first day.

We sang songs, played games, did a craft, and learned about how God worked through the faith and obedience of Moses. The local kids had a great time. Our kids had fun serving. And everyone experienced the love of Christ flowing through willing people with a common goal of telling others about our Savior Jesus Christ.

Two of our team-members went to the BCC headquarters to do some welding and building along with some Mennonite workers.

Also this afternoon, Pastor Alex of LGCC and a few others went to visit a Cantonese speaking shopkeeper. After over two hours of conversation, this woman gave her life to Christ.

On a personal note, I brought my son who is 13 years old on this trip. I wanted to spend some time with him and allow him to experience God in serving on a missions trip. As his father, my view of him is one of a young person and "child" but I do get to see brief moments of faith and spiritual breakthrough from time to time. I am thankful to God for these 10 days we will spend in Belize. It's not only some father and son time, but I am seeing those brief moments when God shows me the work of his Holy Spirit in my son. For this I am thankful and glad we came.

Prayer requests: The weather is hot and humid. Please pray for energy for our team. Pray also for more kids to join our camp this week. Pray for new friendships between the local volunteers and the local kids. Pray for their salvation through these friendships.

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