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Friday, July 21, 2017

2017 Day 7: Caleb and Michael

    Michael and I were invited to live at the BCE base camp for four days. All the members of BCE welcomed us with open arms and treated us as one of their own. Long story short, Michael and I had a lot of fun and bonded closely with all the members.
     Everyday we would wake up at around six in the morning.We would brush, take a shower and head out to breakfast cued by the blast of an air horn, where we would be treated with a typical Belizean breakfast, beans, rice, fried jacks, and a piece of smoke ham. Afterwards the we would pack the trucks for the day's upcoming VBS at King's Park.
      Each morning we would set up tents, speakers and go around the neighborhood gathering kids to join VBS, which was from nine in the morning to three in the evening. At the end of the each day we would end with praise and encouragement. Later Michael and I would go back to the BCE base while others would go back to the church. There we would shower and participate in different activities: swimming in the ocean, playing cards, and socializing. Thursday for the first time, both LGCC and BCE came together to play on the beach, barbeque and worship God.
      Overall, the exchange, Jackson and Samuel two locals who swapped Michael and I from BCC and BCE, was an exciting experience. At times at BCE we would have to interact with many different personalities and backgrounds--some were born in Belize, others from the States and immigrated in, and all had different histories, poor, abused, rich, the list goes on. After the first day (and bless the lord), Michael and I were quickly accepted in to the BCE family. People like Oshaine, our living quarters manager, became comfortable with us and popped many jokes; Aaron taught us card tricks and showed us his sleight of hands; Emir and Jonathan threw hugs and other friendly gestures at us. On the second day Michael and I had become part of their family: we talked about our problems, offrered prayer and requests, and on the third day the BCE crew even gave us the opportunity to embark with them other Men's Night Out. As a whole, the love of our brothers at BCE opened their hearts, looking past our differences and focusing on our similarities as brothers in Christ.

Thank you Lord for your unfailing, powerful plan for Michael and me.

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