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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day Six (Computer Lab Success)

Belize STM July 20th 2011
We started off the sixth day of our trip with fellowship in prayer and sharing with one another. After eating a delicious breakfast, we reconvened downstairs as a team, where Edwin led us in morning prayer. We split into small groups and shared our thoughts and burdens on our hearts. This was an opportunity for our team to really relate to one another and support each other as a body.
Once we arrived at the youth hostel, we immediately resumed our work on the computer lab and school house. We had one team in the computer lab finishing the dry-wall, and then sanding down the putty. In the school house, another group organized the materials and began to paint the benches. After a brisk lunch break, we began to layer on the second coat of putty. While waiting for it to dry, we swept up the school house floors. After hours of planning and preparation, and through the grace of God, we lifted off. We finally had internet! Praise the Lord! Once we celebrated with refreshing papaya and banana milkshakes, we began to wash the porch of the school house, in preparation for the paint job. Soon after, we packed up and headed to our special reward.
The bus ride to cave tubing was both long and mosquito infested. But it was worth it. After we had changed and received our equipment, we began our mile-long trek upstream. At first, the rocks underfoot distracted us from the miracles surrounding us. But once we slowly discovered the environment we were in, our minds immediately forgot the “rocky situation” and we marveled at the display of God’s power around us. The breathtakingly beautiful scenery around us left us in awe of the Lord’s omnipotence. Once we reached our starting point, we went into the water and linked up in groups. We floated through humongous caves one after another and were astonished at the naturally intricate mineral formations. A couple groups even enjoyed splashing one another as we raced down the “rapids” and “waterfalls”. There were some moments when the shallow water required us to take extra precaution. However, a few of us did not understand the concept of “BUTTS UP!” and paid for the lack of comprehension with bumps and bruises from the rocks. Again, this was quite a “rocky situation”. Once we finished our tour, we spent the remaining time in the river. Some attempted to catch fish, some swam, and others LEAPED off cliffs after a few encouraging chants (don’t worry, it wasn’t THAT high). After we had played and relaxed to our hearts’ content, we headed back towards the base. Once we changed, “deeted up”, ate a few snacks, and “deeted up” again, we were back on the road headed for the NIGHT ZOO.
A group of seven left to go to the Chinese church for a prayer meeting, including Jon who was busy downloading software for the computer lab. Meanwhile, we embarked on a long journey to the Belize Zoo. Upon arrival, we split into two groups of fourteen. Then each group explored the zoo in different directions. That night, both groups encountered many exotic and unique animals. On our tour, we were able to see jaguars, pumas, harpy eagles, pigs, rattle snakes, howler monkeys, and crocodiles. Some of us were even allowed to feed carrots to Belize’s national animal, the tapir. After our tour ended, several brave souls chose to carry a boa constrictor on their shoulders while barrages of photos were taken. On the way back to our bus, we witnessed clear skies with a myriad of stars painting pictures in the night sky. Some of us were even lucky enough to take beautiful pictures of the stars!
Then we traveled back to our hotel, where we immediately ate a 10pm dinner of delicious chicken burritos. Soon after, we held a short debrief of today’s events and posed questions about the rest of the trip. Right after the meeting ended, most of us scurried back to our room and prepared to sleep. But not Jon Hsu. Ironically, he was “intentionally” left behind at the Chinese church while downloading software. Fortunately for him, he found his way back home to us! Then we all drifted into a deep sleep after the long day we had.
We still have all 35.
Prayer Requests:
• Safe travel to the island
• Finishing computer lab
• Finish painting
• Successful VBS and block party
• To have quality bonding time with the youth
-Valentia Shen and Isabel Auyeung

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