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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Craig Ing Day Four.

My second trip to Belize seems very different already here on the third day of our trip. We have done more and lives have changed for eternity. For instance, on the second day at the Youth Hostel worship I had the privilege of speaking. Just as we started the worship service God sent a cooling shower as a real blessing. We didn’t know what to expect from these teens who have led rough lives, but soon everyone was clapping and enjoying a lively chorus let by our worship team. I really sensed God’s presence and guiding as I began to speak. I didn’t bore them and they seemed interested (yay answered prayer!!!) We broke up into small groups for discussion and Pastor Poon and I led a former Catholic teen to faith in Christ. PTL!!! Many small groups reported lively discussion. These teens responded to the Word of God. Later I met an electrician named “Moses” who’s testimony could make a great movie. We also spent time reaching out to the poor in the center of Belize. We held a block party where I got to pray for many people while face painting. What a blast!!!

Today has been a lot of physical, and Spiritual, challenge. VBS began in earnest and FOUR people received the Lord to day. It seems like we’ve just began. Praise God!!!! Now please continue to pray for us since sense a real Spiritual battle. Heat, fatigue, bug bites and Belizian constant change of plans is taking its toll. We really need prayer cover NOW!!! Thanks for your prayers.

Prayer Requests:
1. 4 new believers, especially Nicole (who we have spent a lot of time with since she is traveling with our group); God surrounds them with people to help them grow (especially people from church who will reach out to them)
2. second day of VBS
3. youth hostel: finish computer lab; thankful for strong Christians working at the hostel who can guide and teach the youth there

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