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Friday, July 15, 2011

Day One of 2011

And once again, the airport challenged us. As we arrived at the airport, we found out that the front desk had already opened up and we were already late. At 4 A.M in the morning, we were late, who would’ve thought. After minutes of confusion and several different instructions we finally had a front clerk dedicated to helping us and slowly we were helped and one by one, we proceeded to the security check point. However by the time the last three members of our team proceeded, we found out that the plane was already boarded and waiting for the last of its passengers. Us. Surprise, surprise. However the airport curse was not finished with us yet. When we arrived at Dallas, we found out that we would be landing at 11:55 and our plane was boarding at 11:50, that and we were in different terminals--different terminals in the Dallas Airport. However, as usual, God was on our side and He had answered our prayers because once we arrived at the gate, we were relieved to find that the flight was delayed, which gave us all enough time to get food and eat. We all successfully made it to the plane and then to Belize. That was when we realized that God has answered our prayers for the first time on this trip. After checking into our rooms and settling in, we all gathered for first team meeting in Belize. David Craver gave us a short testimony and an overview of the next ten days. Then we enjoyed dinner made by Stephanie and made a quick run to Brodie’s. Once coming back to the hotel, we enjoyed each other’s company during games and worship. After this not-as-eventful first day as last year, but still unique in its own stressful way, we have conquered our first day of the Belize STM and still look forward to the opportunities and events God has placed ahead of us. We thank God for His guidance over our trip.
35 on the trip. 35 alive.

Prayer Requests:
• VBS-
o Preparation
o Successful
• Computer Lab-
o Preparation
o Building


  1. wow, I didn't know you had your scary moment catching the plane. Praise the Lord, we all got there alright.