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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jackie Chu Post for Day Two and Three


We visited the people at Pickstock. It is my first time mission and never been in here before. I didn’t know what I was going to see even though I heard from Pastor Brian that people are very poor there. It’s kind of mix feelings as the little kids can be very happy from just a little thing, like drawing with chalks on the ground, drawing on the construction papers with crayons, blowing bubbles. We did some origami, like airplanes and boats and they liked it.
Besides, I won’t forget the eye contacts I had with the kids. When I talked to them, I looked at their eyes; their eyes told me they appreciated our caring. One funny scenario was a little boy I think he is 5 and kept following John from Mandarin Congregation that he wanted to go to California. I asked him, “You need to ask your mom for yes or no.” He pointed to me that where his mom was, like if you want to ask, you can ask yourself and I am going to California anyway. He has his way no matter what you say. It’s sad though, even a 5 years old boy wants to leave his country.
When it was about time to say goodbye, a girl I didn’t have any interaction with her, she came to me and hugged me goodbye. I’d never forget what I experienced today.

Prayers request:
1. Please pray for their hearts to follow Jesus every day.
2. Pray for the kids to pray to God every day.
3. Pray for their parents to have guidance from God.


We visited youth hostel today. It is another experience I never had before and it’s totally different from what I experienced yesterday. As you know it is a youth hostel, those are youth and they are not little kids. They have their own story and experience. I heard a girl who stays there not because of doing something illegal and got caught. Actually, she called the police to take her there as she got abused from her family member.
We started to set up the computer lab today. I don’t know much about setting up the networking. All I could do today was taking the junk out of the room and watch the youth playing volley ball. Ethan (my son) told me that he made a friend there. He went to bathroom and there was no water from the sink, his friend from youth hostel got a cup with water for him to wash his hands. It’s very nice. I asked Ethan if he likes Belize or not and he answered me yes. It is because of the weather. He likes hot weather but not staying at the youth hostel.

Prayers requests:
1. Pray for the youth to follow and talk to God.
2. Pray for the work of setting up the computer lab successfully.
3. Pray for the youth to be motivated to learn more skills to prepare for the future once they can be out of the hostel.
4. Pray for the youth that they can see hope and future thru God.

More Coming, please bear with us as these are hard to get out due to internet connectivity.

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  1. Thank you for posting your heart-felt experiences. I feel the excitement, personal concern and prayerfulness in your writing which takes me closer to you in Belize. I encouraged my 5th/6th grade Sunday School to follow your blogs and pray for you all daily.
    Praise the Lord for all that is accoumplished. May the Lord, the missionary from heaven, be with you and grant all your requests.

    Mrs. Hsu