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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Belize Summer 2012: Day Three (07/15/12)

Our day started with a VERY big surprise.  After the delay in Houston we thought our surprises were over, at least for a while.  But we found out this morning that WE were in charge of the Church service at the Youth Hostel that we thought we were just attending.  YiKES!!!  It put us all in scramble mode.  Praise God we rallied the troops and it all came together.  Craig and one of the Belizian youth started off with some ice-breakers.  Breaking down barriers was really important with the Youth Hostel kids.  Steve Wong then lead us in a time of singing and the Hostel kids joined in with gusto.  Pastor Brian gave a short sermon entitled “Put Your Confidence in God.” Then we split up into small groups to talk about the message.  The interaction has already served to open doors.  Nancy Wong got to share the gospel and many youth remembered us from previous years.  God was certainly with us. 
After lunch we returned to Ladyville Orphanage to play with the children.  Some of us played games, colored books, painted nails or faces.  Again we were remembered from previous years and those kids were pleased to see us again.  We not only got to play with some of the kids but also pray for some too.
Then we returned to the Belizian Chinese Church to prepare for VBS the following day.  Preparations went smoothly and then we returned to the Mission Base (DCI).  After a delicious meal of Belizian style Chicken Spagetti  and salad, we had our team meeting.  David Craver gave us an introduction and orientation to his ministry and life.  His story is amazing and inspiring.  Finally we all retired to our rooms to get a good night’s rest before a very busy Monday.  Pray that we can sustain energy and positive attitudes for the duration of the trip.  Thanks for your prayers.

-Craig Ing

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