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Friday, July 20, 2012

Belize Summer 2012: Day Three (07/15/12) Chinese Ministry

The time finally comes. It is the time for John and me to work with the local church, BCCC, to visit the shop owners. We want to spread God's gospel and strengthen their relationship with God.

John has absolutely no experience. I was with Henry two year ago, but never thought I need to play a big part. Pastor Brian is so nice that he expects us to just tell gospel, nothing fancy. It is not about how many people we bring to Christ. The main goal is building up my relationship with God.

The Sunday schedule seems to be up in the air at the beginning. The schedule for the team is to attend Sunday service at Youth hostel. With some last minute phone calls, Marinda can pick us up at Everyday grocery. At the same time, the store owner of Everyday grocery is our first brother to tell Gospel. He doesn't have negative attitude of us. However, his excuse is too busy to attend Sunday service. Isn't it a familiar excuse? Did I have the same excuse before start understanding our Jesus Christ?

Then, we attend the normal BCCC Sunday service, and get to know the local church members. One of the church members is Taiwan ambassador who is very kind and nice. He stays behind for lunch, and talks to every one.

Our day ends when the team comes to BCCC setting up VBS programs. Thank God giving me this experience. May God bless our work at Belize!

Ernie Tam

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