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Friday, July 20, 2012

Belize Summer 2012: Day Six (07/18/12) Chinese Ministry

Will our life be different if everyday, we pray to our holy father, and Our holy father answers it immediately? 

The fourth day starts at Belize hospital. Our brother, Richard, in BCCC has a kidney stone, and is at hospital for X-Ray. John and I go there to pray for him. After two hours , he is diagnosed with no kidney stone. Richard
has been drinking lime juice crazily in the past several days. Thank God that his  kidney stone has gone out of his body after massive lime.

Rose continues taking us to three more stores. The first store is not open. The  owner of the second store, B&H Laing, refuses to talk to us. And the third store owner, Ah Yu, just politely chats with us. We leave a DVD and booklet to her. After praying to her family, we headed back to local church.

While John and I think our day of Chinese Mission is over, suddenly Ching volunteers to take us to Miss Cheung. Miss Cheung feels at lost and confused in her life. Her relationship to her husband is like the Samaritan woman in John 4:4-30. Ching applies quite a few of good Bible versus to help her.  After staying in her shop for 1 hour, we know she does not fully understand Gospel. Not until she clearly understands the meaning of Gospel, we don't want to lead her to Christ immediately. We say bye to her after giving a prayer to her health and peace.

Ernie Tam

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  1. Dear Ernie and John, Thank you for the updates and your hard labor in Lord. We will remember the families that you have visited. May Holy spirit continue to work in them. Pray for a safe trip back home.