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Friday, July 20, 2012

Belize Summer 2012: Day Five (07/17/12) Chinese Ministry

Our third day starts with a little surprise. Once we arrive BCCC and settle down, we see Ross' white 4 by 4 Toyota coming. We were told earlier that Ross is taking John and me to visit 4 families. I am nervous and excited. I have never felt comfortable on preaching our gospel to strangers. However, deep down in my heart, I want to do something more for my God.

At the first shop, I take the first chance to tell the gospel to Mrs Li. The gospel goes out and disappears silently. My heart also sinks in dark silently. After I recovered a little bit, I go get the gospel gift from my back pack and give them to her. Then she noticed that our religion is the one mentioned in Hong Kong movies. John follows through by explaining the meaning of Jesus died in the cross for us. What an experience telling gospel to a first listener. May our God continue working in her heart!

Our second shop owner is a believer who is lacking of faith to get baptized. After a long chat and a prayer, she leads us to the owner of a bakery store. It is also the first time for Kuen to hear Gospel. So John and I continue planting Jesus seed in their oheart.

The last family is the most challenging one. He is Mr Chan and he is a hair stylist. He came from Canton which has a similar culture of Hong Kong. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I am familiar with the classic Chinese: work hard, learn fast, be creative,  make more money and be a good person. He believes himself only. How can this kind of person accept Jesus?

Does our Belize trip bear fruit? Our God is a never failing God. HE blesses the future of Belize. These 4 families allow our visit because their kids tell their parents they love our VBS programs. Thanks God to encourage us on the work of the future of  Belize.

-Ernest Tam

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  1. It's great that the kids can lead you to their parents, and their parents to their other friends, and so on! I also love that she was interested in hearing more about Christianity since she'd heard about it in shows haha that's great! Use whatever you can! :) I'm so encouraged to read about your hearts to share God's message. -joellen