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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Belize Summer 2012: Day One (07/13/12)

Our first day in Belize ended up as a first day in Texas.  Due to flooding and thunderstorms in Houston, we ended up circling so long that we had to land in Austin for fuel and then back to circling Houston.  What was supposed to be a 4 hour flight ended up as a 7 hour flight and we missed our connection to Belize.  After two more hours in the airport trying to figure out what to do next, we ended up in a hotel overnight near the airport with our team divided into three separate flights for the next day (Saturday).  So here we all are, only halfway to our destination, Patti and Craig already in the air, Seck-Eng at the airport waiting for his flight to board and the rest of us getting ready to hop on the hotel shuttle back to the airport.
It’s unfortunate because we will miss our scheduled visit to two orphanages that we had planned for today.  Other than that, this delay won’t cost us much in terms of ministry.  Also, thanks to the beauty of modern technology, I was able to immediately text our missionary contact in Belize, David Craver, and email the Chinese church to make all the necessary changes to our plan.
As I look at this strange detour for our team, I have to be thankful for it.  Last night, we got to spend a lot of time as a team preparing for the VBS that will start on Monday.  And I could see that we were all exhausted, so getting a night’s sleep in a good bed has been helpful for everyone.  I also appreciated so much that everyone had a great attitude even though this was definitely not what we had planned or expected.  Finally, I was super thankful that we had Seck-Eng and Patti with us.  Because of their Premier status with the airline we were able to get out of the airport in two hours.  I’m sure others were stuck there for much longer because there were literally hundreds and hundreds of people in the same situation as us.
-Pastor Brian

Prayer Requests for Saturday, July 14, 2012
Pray that we can get to Belize today.  Weather looks good now but it can change quickly.
Pray that we can get started quickly once we arrive in Belize.  We have a lot less time to get to know the Chinese youth and to get settled in.

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