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Friday, July 10, 2015

Arrived Safely--Day One: Emmett Lee

Hi Everyone!
Well we’ve made it safe to Belize and so far it has been a lot more relaxing than I remember. This is my second year going on the Belize short term mission trip and the last time I came it was seemingly much hotter. I remember being slightly overwhelmed the first time, heat and the humidity crushed me last time but comparatively everything seemed to just move along smoothly with problems.
               Once arriving at the airport we were greeted by the Quans, Aunty Edith giving everyone welcoming hugs and Felicia with a poster saying, “Welcome to Belize!” After that we loaded the bus and headed towards the church. We immediately started offloading the bus and situated ourselves in our separate rooms and buildings, briefly unpacking and inflating the air mattresses. At this time, around 4:50 pm we are just hanging out and waiting for the rest of our adventure to begin (mainly dinner).
               As Bilbo Baggins said, “I am going on an adventure” except this one is with others and with God.

(Also sorry John I already lost Love Letter….don’t kill me I’ll pay you back)

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