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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day Five--Elizabeth Li (LGCC)

Day 5:
Today was the second day of VBS, and continues the repeating schedule that we will have for the rest of the week. It rained a little bit during the night time and morning, but was still very warm. And the sun was very bright today! Andrew (from the Alabama team) had a very encouraging devotion this morning, reminding us that throughout this week, we will face a lot of trials, but we should always turn to God and know that he may use these trials to create something better in the future.
It was also the second day of construction, one team working on a stairway, one painting a wall, and the other digging up the remaining weeds in front of the church which will eventually have concrete poured over. I was helping with the digging, and every single person put all of their strength into getting it done. It’s amazing how much strength God has provided all of us.
BCE joined us for a big lunch and then we headed to set up for VBS. Today we were fortunate enough to have it at a Trinity Methodist School which is right next to the church. We didn’t have as many kids as yesterday, but I think that with a smaller number, it was easier to handle. I taught the lesson today to three boys, along with Mei-Yun, and it went much better than I thought because I was scared to teach. But I know that God was with me while teaching these young boys about coming to Jesus whenever they go through trials. Coincidentally like Andrew’s devotion.
Although we haven’t known everyone for that long, it feels like we are a family who was meant to come together to spread the love of Jesus. I am so thankful for all the work and energy that everyone puts in to everything, and how we can talk about our lives and also laugh together.
During the night, we spent time together going over our testimonies, which we will need to share to the kids at VBS on Wednesday. It was really great to take turns and hear everyone’s testimony and get to know them on a deeper level. I’m grateful that we’ve been able to open up to each other, and it really does feel like a family.
Prayer requests:
-continuous energy every day (but rest when needed)
-remind ourselves to turn to God when we’re tired, weak or hurting
-that more kids will show up to VBS tomorrow!
-prepare our lessons well and teach them by heart, not by reading the handout

-BCE, who does TWO VBS every single day

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