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Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer 2015--Day One: Mei Yun Tang

Hey guys! I know you’ve all been waiting months for the first update of Belize 2015—and here it is! It is currently 4:19 in the morning on July 10, 2015 and we have just gotten through security and have settled down at the gate. Most of us are pretty tired—considering this time of night/morning? Anyway, a few of us have passed out, but the rest of us are just hanging out with each other and talking or enjoying the limited time we have left on the internet. The meeting time was midnight at LGCC, to make sure we had enough time to do some last minute packing and gather everyone together. Everyone was fairly on time, so we had plenty of time to pray and chat and eat some ice cream drumsticks. However, the super shuttle that was scheduled to come pick us up at 2 was a little late, but no worries! We arrived at SFO just before 3 and lined up to check in. Everything went by smoothly and we are boarding in around fifteen minutes. Don’t forget to take at least one minute out of your day to pray for us! 

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  1. So.... the super shuttle was scheduled for pickup at 2:30..... hehe you know minor details. :)