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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day Six--Mira Tan and Austin Quon

Hey it’s Austin and Mira blogging today from Belize with commentary by Michael. We are having a fantastic time here, this morning we started off with meat pies for breakfast. In devotionals Marland (from Alabama) went over how we end messages and how we are God’s messengers. We started off on construction in three teams, digging, painting and stairs construction.
               In the digging team we came very close to finishing up all our work. Today the painting crew helped us while they waited for their paint to dry. Joy and Hailey were very kind in bringing us a frozen Belizean snack that comes in a bag called “Ideals”. Michael and yours truly (Austin) managed to work while holding/eating their Ideals in their mouth. Tomorrow night the contractor will come to put in the concrete so we will be working harder than ever to finish. The paint team put on the next layers of paint, now not only is the wall clean, but it is no longer just a boring white, but has a splash of red instead. Most exciting of all, the stairs team was able to finish their project. Praise God!
               Today was the 3rd day of VBS, it was also Salvation and water games day. Salvation day is when the counselors are given the chance to break up into small groups of 3-5 to share their testimonies with the kids in their group. The counselors also gave an opportunity to the kids to accept Christ. Today we multiple kids accepted Christ. PRAISE GOD AGAIN!!! Today in games my crew and I (Austin still) were a bit worried about how water games would turn out. In previous days, the kids tended to go out of control and in general just hard to manage, and we were extra worried because of water games. Setting up for water games was very difficult because there was no water at King’s Park. So we had to bring over buckets of water from the church to get enough water. However, today’s games went incredibly smoothly. The kids didn’t get out of hand and both kid and counselor had a great time at the same time. PRAISE GOD AGAINNNN!!! To end the amazing day of VBS we took a group picture, promptly followed us soaking everyone with the leftover water.

               After an awesome day at VBS we were told we were going to the night zoo. Pastor Brian gave us one hour until dinner and we all hustled to shower and plan our lessons for the next day.­­­­ After spraying ourselves thoroughly with bug repellent we packed onto the bus for an hour ride to the zoo. I (its Mira now) sat in front of Hailey and Anthony and we quickly discussed the trip and the VBS experience they’d had with us. At the zoo we saw 2 types of snakes, 2 types of alligators, 4 types of cats and 2 types of monkeys as well as a tapir, a picarrey, a gibnut and multiple types of owls. We came back and bid farewell to the Alabaman team as they are leaving us tomorrow for San Pedro Island. Please continue praying for us especially for construction and VBS. Thanks for your time brah. J

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