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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dia Uno: July 9, 2016 with Caleb Yang

July 9, 2016

Hello all! We are safely in Belize today even though we had a few setbacks. But God helped us get here on time nevertheless. Our San Jose to LAX flight was delayed one hour, and the layover time to the next flight was only 15 minutes. We were pretty worried. However, due to lots of construction at LAX, our connecting flight to Belize was also delayed almost an hour, giving us enough time to make the flight which left at about 1 am, and get to Belize at around 7 am Belizean time (Or 6 am our time). Due to the nature of our flights we were all exhausted, with little sleep and someone even said it was the worst night of his life. Fortunately for him and for us, we were able to nap when we got to the church we would be staying at, and then we were welcomed with a nice delicious breakfast of Belizean breads and an egg scramble.

After we ate, we met with Belize Camping Experience in the early afternoon to go over details and the vision for the upcoming VBS. Unfortunately the power went out as a chord disconnected over the street and fell off. We were all safe though. But it was still so hot without air conditioning. Fortunately the power went on pretty smoothly in about an hour or two, so we could experience the rest of the presentation in a nice air-conditioned room. We also learned the fun camp theme song dance.

After the presentation, we went out for an early dinner at Friendship Chinese Restaurant. The fried chicken was very good and everyone was very happy after a long day. It was fun because the sodas came in these tall glass bottles, which we had fun drinking from and playing with. Afterwards we walked to Brodies, a local grocery store to get some snacks and essentials that people forgot to pack such as water bottles and toothbrushes. We were able to relax after dinner back at the church. We had some worship and debriefed.

Our prayer requests are good rest for everyone on the team to be ready for VBS on Monday, and also for God’s protection so everyone will be safe. The heat adjustment is making us tired, so please pray for us to have energy.  Also praise God, for getting us here safely, on time, and for helping us get through the short power outage safely!  

-Caleb Yang

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