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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dia Seis: 7/14/16 with Jessie Lwi

Hello! This is Jessie blogging today while everyone is gone for the night zoo. So far this trip has been really great for me! The girls had the hardest time waking this morning so far, but we all still managed to crawl out. Apparently since our debrief meeting ran a little late, everyone took awhile to settle back down and went to bed bit later last night. But everyone still made it to breakfast…sleepily! For breakfast we had fried jacks and beans. The food has been really great the last few days, I’m so thankful for our chef, Nela!!… I actually had a really good conversation with her today about her family and where she is from. She is typically pretty quiet and shy-like, but she got so excited to tell me about her family. She even opened up her Facebook and showed me pictured of them and their trips to Mexico to visit more family.
We jumped right into construction after breakfast since the Raymond was pretty antsy to get a move on. Raymond is the man in charge of all the construction…also a relative of Nela! Construction today was mostly just sanding down a kitchen cabinet they made and a bunch of other pieces for wood that I actually am not too sure what they are going to be used for. I’m sure there were other chores that we finished today, but I had been outside just sanding the whole time so I’m not exactly sure what. After awhile we started playing pop music and would sing along together as we worked :D .  
By 12:00 we had lunch and then headed over to the park to do VBS. I’ve been working with the 11 year olds and up girls. We spent our time together going over the story of an angel leading Peter out of prison, and even made a poster of the whole story. My girls knew the story pretty well but were still really into the activity. If you’ve read about Derrick in previous blogs (he hangs out with us everyday and has a family of 13 siblings), my group of girls consisted mostly of his sisters and cousins.  Only three girls have been coming every day: Jiselle (Derrick’s sister), Kristy (their cousin), and Daisy (Qing Ping’s little sister/ youth of BCCC). I’ve been able to bond with these girls a lot, and it has been especially amazing for me to see these three girls bond with each other! All of them are taller than me and for some reason really like to pick me up… But we also love to hug each other too!!

Prayer Requests:

1. Pastor Dave has got the sniffles >:C… pray for them to go away, especially because he has a sermon to give on Sunday here!
2. Many other counsels at VBS we work with are also coming down with sniffles, but they got more camps to do.
3. Energy and good rest since everyone came back from the night zoo late.
4. The kids and our last day of VBS with them.

5.  Construction gets finished!

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