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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dia Cinco: 7/13/16 with Julia Song and Caleb Cheng

Today was the day we would share our testimonies in VBS to the kids of Belize. We woke up early this morning and began our construction work. A couple of us worked on sanding some wooden boards that would be repurposed while others fixed up holes with putty. Big furniture was moved downstairs and we were able to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time. After two hours of hard backbreaking construction work, Derrick (a local friend) climbed a tall coconut tree and brought us a dozen coconuts to drink. He expertly cut them with a machete and it was - oh so refreshing. Before lunch we helped set up tents for the VBS before BCE arrived and while we were waiting for lunch. For lunch Auntie Edith made us a lot of good food. You should have been there.

At VBS, we told the Gospel story with the (wordless) color book that we trained to use. The counselors also shared their personal testimonies, moving several kids to accept Christ. It was a touching moment for many of us. The girls in Julia’s group  (ages six, seven, and eight) combined with the other girl groups of the same age. All the girls listened very intently to Julia and Zarin’s testimonies. After a prayer, when asked about whether they have accepted Christ in their hearts, the girls all raised their hands that they have Jesus in their lives. Regardless of whether they accepted Christ or raised their hands because their friends did, they seemed to have listened to our stories and know that Jesus is always present and answers our prayers. We have two more days to find out what happened in their hearts.

Today was also the day for water games. Campers ran with a soaked sponge over their head and squeezed all the excess on their counselors’ heads. We both, along with many other counselors, got drenched from head to toe. The campers were ecstatic, getting their teachers completely soaked.

We had a wonderful abundance of food for dinner, including nachos, star fruit, rice and beans, stewed chicken, (“nice Belizean food” Derrick’s words) yum… After dinner we gathered together with most everyone and played a game and a half of Mafia. Caleb was a wonderful, excellent, magnanimous GM in the game. While M. Dave Huang, Uncle Joe and Uncle Craig attended the BCCC prayer meeting.  We cut short the game because we all wanted to make a PMT run.

Actually there was no PMT place open, so Caleb Y. ordered MT. Everyone else ordered assorted desserts, including Oreo Cheese Gelato (Julia and Jessie – actually tasted quite amazing). We bumped into Kevin (the MC and leader of the BCE/VBS) and his family at the Pandora’s Café, where we had hoped for pmt but cried in the end.  Our tears turned into joy after seeing him and his beautiful family. Uncle Joe, Uncle Joe and M. David Huang joined us after their prayer meeting. We held the first part of our debriefing in the café, then moved back to the church. Derrick kept scaring us on the way back with imitations of locusts and snakes, all in good fun. We finished the debriefing at the church, Uncle Joe told us about his visitations to local Chinese at their stores and then we worshiped until lights out. We are still writing this blog. It is really late Julia and I are tired.

Goodnight, sleep tight! Mosquitos may bite. ;-)

-       Julia and Caleb

Prayer Requests:
1.     Pray that our health stays good and not effected by our trip or environment.
2.     Safety while doing construction work, visitation and VBS.
3.     Pray for all the students who prayed to receive Christ today (between 6-10 from our team alone)
4.     Pray we will all accomplish all God has planned for us in our ministry and personal growth.

5.     That God will give us the energy and strength to finish our STM strong and unified.

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