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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dia Dos: 7/10/16 with Mei

Day 2 – Sunday, July 10, 2016

            Our second day in Belize was pretty relaxing and full of worship and sermons. We got up to eat breakfast at 7:30 am and filled our empty stomachs with scrambled eggs, toast, cereal, and bananas. Afterwards, we got ready to head to Lakeside First Baptist Church – the lively church the Belize team visits every year. Just as I remember from last year, the worship was as spirited and energetic as ever. I actually got a bit of a headache because I was in the second row and the speakers were blasting right in front of my face. Anyway, Pastor Rocke delivered a message on how we have an obligation as Christians to reach out to people around the world. We weren’t the only visitors the church had – an American team from Kentucky was also visiting to evangelize and play sports. We got to talk to regulars as well as interact with other foreigners.
            After church in the morning, we headed back to headquarters to rest up until our next activity at two. We ate a light lunch of chicken noodle soup and either napped or played basketball outside. At two we headed upstairs for BCCC’s service. Members from BCE lead worship and Uncle Craig gave a sermon on being fruit-bearers. It was a nice surprise because the founder of BCCC visited with his wife and daughter from Alabama and told us the story of how the church was founded. Afterwards, we had a huge potluck dinner with everyone who attended service and got to talk to BCCC youth members as well as more BCE members and the Alabamans. After dinner we chilled and hung out with each other. BCCC and LGCC youth were doing silly things like arm-wrestling each other having thumb wars and doing push-up challenges. Once the BCCC youth left, everyone kinda went off and did their own thing – some were napping yet again others were jamming upstairs and still others were talking and preparing for vbs.
            At around eight we gathered together for a short nighttime worship and reflection time as well as planning for the next day. We sang Man of Sorrows, How He Loves, and Heart of Worship to set the mood for discussion. We went around in a circle sharing our individual experience and perspectives of the day. For example, Joe had gone on a walk on his own and was able to talk to local Chinese grocery store owners and ask them to come to BCCC and Pastor Dave and Uncle Craig had an eye-opening conversation with a BCE member Oshain who has a big heart for the people of Belize City and was sharing his concerns for the city and expressing feelings of discouragement because of the poor condition of the city.
            We would really appreciate it if you guys could pray for our health, protection from mosquito bites since we will be out in the park tomorrow (WHICH IS FILLED WITH MOSQUITOS AND SANDFLEAS AND ANTS), good sleep and good dreams, and high attendance rate at our vbs. It’s only ten pm but it’s bedtime! Goodnight~
                                                Peace and love,


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