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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dia Cuatro: 7/12/16 with Minister David Huang

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


For a week leading up to Belize, I was hovering over weather reports. And the forecast for the whole mission trip was scattered showers and thunderstorms. Today was the first day it rained. And it seemed quite inconvenient as I was trying to shield my partner from the rain as he tried to lead a Bible study to eleven 5th and 6th grade boys from the neighborhood at a local park. We soon had to give up and take cover under the trees and then the shade tent. Soon I was hanging on to the poles of the shade tent with other Belize Camping Experience counselors to keep it from blowing away. But after the rain let up, we were able to complete the Bible study and enjoy some fun games in the park before dismissing the kids early because of the rain.

But reflecting on how things went, I believe God redeemed today when grumpiness and short fuses could have prevailed. Before the Belize Camping Experience in the afternoon, one of the contractors renovating the guest/pastor's home on the church premises complained that we sent him no helpers in the morning. It was because of a miscommunication that we thought he needed no helpers. But the overcast late afternoon was perfect for sanding wood and doing other tasks. After the rain, it was cool, overcast, shaded, and dehumidified. Plus, almost all of us the short term missions team was working together in the late afternoon just as almost all of us were going through the neighborhood to publicize today's children's park activities in the morning. This would not have happened if we were split up in the morning between construction and publicity. We did better working together because of the miscommunication and the rain.

I'll share one more experience that didn't happen today... hope that's ok. Yesterday, as I was preparing the sermon that I would deliver next Sunday at Belize church, I couldn't help but smile as I was working in a room where some where sharing, others were playing games, and all of us were fellowshipping. It was way better than working in a coffee shop. Personal space may be overrated. As I write this blog, people are deeply sharing and others are worshiping. But beyond bonding ourselves, I know we are building bridges between the locals, the churches, and our Lord Jesus. The churches here in Belize can use our encouragement and the people here are so open to checking out what Christians have to offer. Hope some of you come next year!

                                                                                                            In Christ Alone,

                                                                                                            David Huang

Prayer Requests:
1. That it doesn't rain tomorrow during VBS, so that the kids can concentrate on the program and the gospel.
2. The team sharing the Gospel (with the Wordless Books) and sharing our testimonies with the kids. Pray that the students will be well receptive to the testimonies as well as the gospel, that the team will share and connect well.
3. Pray that we will get good rest, have enough energy for VBS and be safe for tomorrow's construction work 
4. Protection of health and from spiritual attacks that have been happening to the team.
5. Continued harmony and unity in the team in the face of unexpected events.
6. A local Chinese couple being visited by part of the team. Pray for their growth.
7. Opportunities observed to meet and reach Chinese people in the marketplace.


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  2. It's awesome and very encouraging to see God working through you in Belize! I'll keep your requests in my prayers. Great job pastor David and keep pushing on! :)