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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer 2014 7/19/14 Day Nine: Priscilla Chan

Hi Friends!

Tonight is our last night in Belize and people are packing and re-organizing the church as it looks pretty “toe-up” (according to P. Brian). It’s certainly necessary and is a convenient distraction from the bittersweet knowledge that tomorrow we go home to loved ones, but leave new friends.

For myself, I started on this trip as a reluctant act of obedience. After a couple of years of thinking to myself “maybe I should go…” God finally confirmed that yes indeed I should, through a simple invitation by Pastor Brian. I haven’t fully processed all that has happened here in Belize, but I have definitely witnessed some “God” moments while among the children during VBS, but also in the company of the Belize team.  Just to give a peak into a couple of standout moments for me (ask us for details when we get back! I need to sleep soon…):

1.     God really tugged at my heart when a boy named Daniel first came to us during our construction time. He and I seemed to build some trust, but he wasn’t so keen on joining VBS. So instead, I would meet him at designated times in front of our church complex instead. Oddly, he would show up and eventually joined VBS along with his sister, Tatiana. With such a brief encounter, I’m not sure what God impressed on his heart. For me though, I can at least be confident in knowing that God still chooses to use an imperfect me to reach those He loves. And I feel very loved myself knowing he still wants to.
2.     I’m so thankful for the youth that God has used on this trip. They are so full of compassion and love for the local kids as well as each other. A couple of their testimonies touched us all as well as some youth from the Belize Chinese Christian Church. Long story short: plenty of tissues went around.

But after the sadness, came lots of laughter. Today, we took a trip to Caye Caulker (pronounced kee kok-er), where we snorkeled, toured the island, and I literally “let my hair down.” It was huge. But more importantly, it was great to appreciate a part of God’s creation that I don’t get to see very often. The sharks, the rays, the odd formations were all awesome to see. I’ll also be thankful to see mountains again when we’re back in California! Can’t deny that I’ve been thinking of home and this was a sweet end to the trip.


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