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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer 2014 7/16/14 Day Six: Austin Quon

Hey Everyone!

Hi this is Austin. Well today I guess I’m doing the blog.  Today was our third day of VBS. I’m in charge of games and today I was a little worried what game we would play, because for the last few days I’ve had to use games that I planned for other days earlier than expected. I was able to come up with a game that I called dodge sponge (which is basically dodge ball with sponges instead). The kids got really wet and seemed to have a lot of fun. Today we also had an additional four kids come to VBS.  The kids seemed to be more open today than before and I could see God working through all my fellow teammates by how they loved on all the kids.
After VBS I noticed that the church smelled amazing, and later I realize that it was our lunch. After lunch we planned to do a basketball tournament and we assumed that we would have 20+ teenagers, but when we got there it was more like 6 teenagers and 8 kids. At first we where a little confused about what to do and where a little worried, we decided to just play one long game with the people we had there. A few of us chose to play too, including me. The game was 4 quarters of 6 minutes, but while I was playing it felt like it was much longer. So in the end it worked out, but unfortunately my team lost.
When we got back from the basketball courts we had a bit of free time and me, Emmett, and Justin decided to try something new… we washed our clothe by hand. It was an interesting experience to say the least. After that, our day was pretty much over. Looking back I can see how God can work with whatever the circumstance. Whether it is a basketball tournament with too few people or a VBS with more and more kids coming. God has spoken to me today about focusing on Him and keeping my goal focused on what he wants me to do and not rely on myself.

Some prayer request that we have today is:
for the kids in the vbs and their families
for the safety and health of our team
for all the people that we interact with and that we can make positive impact on them
for the families in the BCCC
That God would continue to work through our VBS

Thank you everyone for all your support and prayer for the team. God Bless!

-Austin Quon

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