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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer 2014 7/17/14 Day Seven: Preston Wong (SCBC)

7:15-8:15- Breakfast
            We ate cereal and oatmeal with milk as a drink.
8:15-9:00- Prep for VBS
I was in charge of the craft station and the craft was a card that had the Lord’s Prayer on it with a personal message from the VBS small group leaders.  Setup was not very hard, as we just had to prepare the stickers for decoration.
9:00-12:00- VBS
In the crafts station, the kids were relatively well behaved as they copied down the Lord’s Prayer.  We had 3 groups cycle through, and we had to modify the craft for some of the younger kids, as writing the whole Lord’s Prayer took too much time.
12:00-1:00- Lunch
We ate curry beef with rice, lettuce, and cucumber for the main course with pineapple and papaya for dessert.
1:00-2:00- Bus ride to Auntie Edith’s plantation
We stopped by a supermarket to buy snacks, and I bought some hot sauce as gifts and a bag of chips for the visit to the plantation.  The bus ride took one hour, and we were able to see the mission trip project at the children hostel that the group did last year.  Although I was not in that group last year, I could see how developed the complex was compared to the surrounding buildings.
2:00-5:00- Visiting 2 beaches
We went to two different “beaches” that were next to a river.  It was a very relaxing atmosphere until we realized that there were botflies flying around, which are flies that could lay eggs in human skin.  Other than that, we waded and swam around and in general, had lots of fun.
5:00-6:00- Bus ride to Friendship Chinese Restaurant
This was a much more lively bus ride, as we were both excited from visiting Auntie Edith’s plantation and hungry because we were anticipating a dinner in a restaurant.
6:00-8:00- Dinner at the Friendship Chinese Restaurant
Our dinner consisted of fried chicken with French fries, sweet and sour chicken, chicken fried rice, mixed vegetables, and Chinese vegetables with garlic.  We had a choice of cherry Fanta, regular Fanta, sprite, coke, watermelon juice, and orange juice as beverages, and I chose the watermelon juice.  At the end of the dinner, we celebrated Pastor Brian and Sylvia’s anniversary with a cheesecake ice- cream cake.
8:00-11:00- Free time
During free time, we fellowshipped with each other and had some fun with card games like Love Letter.  I also wrote the blog and called my parents during this time.
Prayer requests:
1.     We would all have energy to end VBS with a strong finish.
2.     The basketball tournament tomorrow would be successful, as we had few children show up to the last tournament on Wednesday.
3.     That all of our efforts to reach out to the kids would have some lasting impact on them, whether it be planting a seed within them about the notion of Christianity to accepting Jesus as their savior.

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