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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer 2014 7/18/14 Day Eight: Richard Gao

Hi! I’m pretty inexperienced at blogging, so bear with me if what I try to get across and details are a bit confusing (I am a confusing person unfortunately). The day started off with the final day of VBS – and I’m personally sad and happy that VBS ended. I’ll start off with the sad news – that we won’t be able to see the kids again until next year and that there are only a few days left in Belize. But luckily, the good news is pretty amazing if I say so myself. Seeing a lot of the kids grow just in the 5 days of VBS can only be explained by the love the team gave and God’s love. I remember the first day of VBS when kids were nervous and didn’t want to participate in the songs, games, or crafts. Needless to say that by day five, a lot of them had opened up their shells and they all seemed to be at home. I was especially happy since I was able to share the Gospel one on one to one of my kids, Ivy, even if I don’t know whether or not it impacted her. 
            After the VBS cleanup ended, the group decided that we should finish painting the rails of the stairway and repaint the basketball court lines at the church. Derrick, one of the VBS kids, stayed and supplied us with fresh coconut water directly from the coconut.
             The basketball tournament was next on our to-do list, but since this is Belize things don’t always go as planned. The last basketball tournament two days ago had few people show up, not enough to actually have a full-fledged tournament. Despite this, we decided it would be best to go to the basketball courts and just hangout with the Belizean youth that showed up. People played volleyball, Frisbee, basketball, and some even painted a poster with Belize. It gave us time to just see the youth of Belize and give them our love and hang out with them one last time before we leave.
            Youth group is an essential aspect for me and a lot of the other youth at LGCC. Auntie Edith, the coordinator of our trip as well as BCCC’s youth group, introduced us to the youth group at BCCC. After attending their youth group, we were treated to pearl milk tea!!!! Hanging out with the Belizean youth was just a good experience to bond with them. We then ate dinner with the Belizean youth group and shared our testimonies. Some of the testimonies moved the Belizean youth, and after long rounds of prayer, the Belizean youth left. As the day came to a close, our mission team prayed for each other, for the kids at VBS, for the youth who were moved by the testimonies, and God’s hand in Belize overall. This would probably be one of the most eventful and moving day I’ve had in Belize – just seeing God’s work and seeing people open and pour their hearts out.

Prayer requests:
1.     Pray for all the VBS kids to continue to come to church/have God in their lives.
2.     Pray specifically for Derrick’s family of 11(one of the Belizian youth and VBS kids), one of the families that needs love and that the children in the family would see how God can work in their lives as He has worked in others’ as seen through the testimonies.
3.     Safety in the last few days of the mission trip.

-Richard Gao

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