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Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer 2014 7/11/14 Day One: Traveling & Tiredness

We are finally off to Belize, as we speak we are on our flight from Dallas to Belize City.  I apologize for my bad grammar, but we all are tired and have lack of sleep. This will be my 6th year going to Belize, and every year we have started pretty similar. We never knew how each trip would start , but we always depended on God to help guide us and to get us to God safety. If I have learned anything from the past several years is that God provides. He has helped us when we are in trouble and has provided us when we didn’t know we needed his help. One year he gave us more energy by making us miss our flight to Belize. It helped a whole lot, because we were all really tired and helped us prepare for our projects that we were to do in Belize that year.

As for this year, I feel that God has provided peace and a good team this year. God giving us time and logistics planning almost done was something that we can give him praise. As the week goes on while we are working with the Belize Chinese Church, I hope our team and the youth there will continue to remember that God will be there and we are to remember that he provides.  Thank you all for following and praying for us.

UPDATE: Not much happened when we got to the church. We met some of the church members and had a delicious dinner. After that we hung out with some of the youth group kids, and played some games. Overall it was a really relaxing day and I came out of it with a full tummy and creating new bonds and strengthening relationships with God and the people here.

Prayer Request:
1) Our team will get enough rest, to do God’s work in Belize.
2) VBS goes well.

-Jonathan Hsu

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