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Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer 2014 7/14/14 Day Four: Kaitlyn Cheng

Hello Friends and Family!!!!!!

Today was the first day of VBS and it was so so so fun. Richard Gao, Kody August, and I are crew leader to Standard 5 and Standard 6 which is like grades 7 and 8. Kody is one of the Belizean youth that hang with us and keep us safe. We’ve met so many really cute kids and they are genuinely excited about VBS, which just makes me super pumped. Jessie and I have such a laugh with the songs this year. But I can’t wait to go back tomorrow and start again. Belize has been such a growing experience and a great bonding experience with both churches as well as with the Belize youth. It’s been amazing to reconnect with friends that I haven’t seen in two years. Its like nothing’s changed and that’s the best part. I don’t think I have smiled or laughed this much in a REALLY long time. This has been more than a short term missions trip, I’ve made so many friends and so many jokes; you really get to know someone on a deeeeeeep level when you know their bowel movement schedules.
            After VBS we started construction on the church today. I was so impressed with everyone today, I saw them work so hard and sweat SO MUCH. I MEAN, THEIR SHIRTS = SATURATED W/ SWEAT. Shout out to Elissa, Emmett, Richard, James, Preston, Justin, and Jessie! I saw them work non-stop and sweat so much, but they never complained or stopped for a break. I can’t stop raving about them, they are such amazing hard workers and are all amazing with kids. Even when they didn’t feel well or were hurt, they just kept going. Honestly, I’m so amazed by everyone. They are such a joy to work with. Today I perched on the outer edge of the balcony and scrubbed mold off the side of the church building and then repainted the building. It was life-threatening fun! We have many photos to show how hard everyone worked. Praise God no one was hurt!

Prayer Requests:
1)   Pray that the members can love on all the kids coming through our VBS program
2)   Pray for safety as we continue to work on construction this week and for health

3)   Pray for more fun and bonding ^________^

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