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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer 2014 7/12/14 Day Two: Emmett Lee

Hello Friends and Family!
            This is Emmett giving an update of the happening here in Belize. Today is Saturday, July 11, 2014 and it is currently nighttime. Today was a packed day of prep work and set-up. We started the day at about 8AM with a very packed breakfast (may have woken up a few times in the night cause the AC was actually to cold…), which most notably contained meat pie, which is an extremely popular food. It can be best described as a miniature curry pies the size of an egg tart with a removable top that doubles as a spoon.  I made it a mission to eat a lot, which for those who know me that probably isn’t a surprise; I had 5 of the meat pies and other stuff, which you can ask about later.
            After breakfast we worked on prepping the church for VBS on Monday. Tons of streamers flying everywhere, cups being stabbed, skits being prepare, Being in charge of the Skit team was rather strenuous since it was sometimes hard to work over the sounds of Disney music and other random singing, but we managed to get it together in the end and it should be fine for our dress rehearsal tomorrow night. When we were almost done with the skit preparation we were bombarded with a huge downpour of rain that lasted for maybe 5-10 minutes, supposedly it had been the first rain in quite a long time and many of us took the time to run out into the rain to cool off. 
            Once the rain was done we went inside the church to enjoy our next meal lunch, in which I actually eat less cause I had a ton for breakfast. The main course of this meal was the grilled chicken. Thankfully the rain hadn’t affected it and we were able to enjoy it without much interruption. 
            Following the meal was by far I think the most interesting events. We split up into two groups and worked our way around the neighborhood meeting families and kid whom we invited to our VBS and the basketball tournament that would be happening during the week. The neighborhood itself didn’t feel all that strange to me. I was not supremely startled or afraid of anything new or unusual but I did feel a little out of my element in terms of my comfort aka being more social with strangers and talking to them as we approached. The one thing that really surprised me was the social dynamic of the housing in the area surrounding the church; in the areas that my group toured you could tell the difference in wealth of those around you.  Some were a bit run down and tattered but then right next door you could see what would be considered a very modest housing with three cars in the driveway, the way the economic status were so closely intermingled was the strangest thing in comparison to our own neighborhoods at home. At home we would usually see a bigger divide between the economic classes but in Belize there was little to keep them apart except for just not going over to their neighbor and talking to them. It makes me wonder how that gap can be filled here and a home and it gives me hope that as we go through the week of VBS and the basketball tournament we might be able to bring that gap to a close as those from both can be bridged as members of the same group or team. I pray that the VBS would be more than just a safe place but something that can make the neighborhood a safe place in general. This was really the first experience for me outside the church, which in its own way is such a confined environment (Oh yeah and I haven’t mentioned but this is my first time to Belize) and I wonder how much more I’m missing.
            At the end of the day and after dinner we all had our fun during the debriefing and listening to the stories of the wanderings of both teams I hope and pray that we can just continue to make a positive impact in the life of the Belizeans. I thank all of those who pray and give continued support and pray that we can continue to make an impact here in Belize. I’m not sure what else to say so this is Emmett Lee signing off and saying goodnight.

            Prayer Requests:
1.     That the church can continue to be a safe and welcoming place to all those who come during our stay and after we leave
2.     That all those that we have asked to come to the VBS will be able to come and bring all their friend and family
3.     That our team will remain healthy and mosquito bite free (I only know that Uncle Craig has one so far)
4.     That God would show us more ways that we can positively influence the people of Belize

5.     That we won’t be held down by grudges or things back home and can just trust God to take over in our live and keep us strong through all our activities showing your grace and every one of our actions here in Belize

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